The Presbyterian Children’s Home of the Highlands is keenly and humbly aware that in our society the best place for a child to be reared is in his or her own home, provided that the home is at least minimally adequate to the task. For reasons beyond our control, and so often beyond the control of the child, literally thousands of children in our Commonwealth must be removed from their homes and families, at least temporarily.

PCHH is a residential childcare provider that understands the awesome responsibilities we assume as we strive to meet our mission of “Giving Children Hope & Purpose For The Future.” We provide an atmosphere of love and concern that enables the child to grow and mature physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and socially.

We also understand that the child’s ties to his or her family are strong and therefore we work to form and strengthen a bridge between the two so that hopefully the family can eventually assume its rightful place in the child’s life. Since 1919, the Home has been caring for abused, neglected, and battered children in the Appalachian Region of Virginia.

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